Corporate Information


Corporate Name J Chemical Inc.
Headquarters 3F Seiwa Bld.
  3-31-1 Hongo
  Tokyo Japan 113-0033
President Keijiro Ishiyama

Company History

2004 Established 
  Successfully developed “Proguard” 3-layered impermeable film
  Began sales of burial bags for pets utilizing the Proguard film
2006 Developed and began sales of impermeable “Ceremo Bag” body bags for humans
  Received the Secretary of Police’s Award at he 23rd annual “Police Equipment Development Contest”
2008 Donated Ceremo Bags to China following the “Great Sichuan Earthquake” disaster 
  Received a formal letter of appreciation from the Chinese Embassy in Japan
2011 Obtained the International Patent for Proguard impermeable packaging film
2014 J Chemical merges with Safety One Co., Ltd.
2016 Sales of “Insect Specimen Storage Bag Archive Keeper” started
2018  Sales of “Archive Keeper for Plant Pressed Leaves” begin

Our values

J Chemical Co. Inc. President Ishiyama’s comments on Covid-19

“It has been more than 2 years since the global epidemic of Covid-19 spread, but unfortunately the end is not yet in sight. Currently, the world is continuing economic activity and growth while at the same time fighting to prevent the spread and infections.

We are all facing a major issue of how to achieve both “prevention of expansion” and economic growth but we will continue to work on our business activities so that we can contribute to this difficult situation as much as possible.

The opaque delivery bag “Ceremo Bag” sold at this exhibition is a highly airtight corpse storage bag suitable for safely storing those who have died from Covid-19. We have been manufacturing this bag since 2004, and we are confident that this product will help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 and related viruses. “


J Chemical Inc.


Ishiyama Keijiro